What Places to Visit in Seoul - Landmarks and a Bit about Food

If you go to South Korea - first of all you should think of the capital - Seoul. There is something to look at in the cultural and entertainment level. Culturally – it is advisable to visit the National Museum of Korea and Gyeongbokgung Palace. There are many monuments and museums, but these two attractions must be visited by every tourist. In terms of entertainment, it is advisable to see the museum of illusions called Trick Eye Museum – there are fun and interesting exhibits which you can touch and take pictures of.

Hongdae is an entertainment area with the museum, many shops and cafes. In the evenings, live performances are often held in the streets. You can also visit the gallery and a large theater, the wax museum and aquarium. In Korea, there are 5 theme parks, three land and two water parks. The first category includes - Seoul Land, Lotte World and Everland. Regarding water parks - there is Ocean World and Caribbean Bay (located next to the Everland). Both parks are quite interesting, but if you find it hard to stand for 2 hours in the queue to the attractions, go to the land park – the queues are shorter there.

Regarding food - Korean food is not for everyone, but it is advisable to taste bibimbap (medley of rice, eggs, herbs, vegetables and meat) - very tasty and useful. Another dish is samgyeopsal - meat, fried on a special grill. The meat should be dipped into the sauce and eaten with salad leaves.