The Friendliest Cities in the World

Many foreigners have certain features of mentality, and some of them show definite grumpiness and alertness. Here are several cities the inhabitants of which will always welcome you with a smile.

Australia's largest city Sydney has been on the top rating of the friendliest places in the world for a dozen of years. Guests of Sydney state that they have never met more friendly and caring residents. With jokes and rhymes, they will show the way to any sightseeing, share the secrets of a delicious dinner, or even invite to the barbecue.

Who, if not Irish living through many grim historical events, should enjoy life to the fullest and at the same time certainly share positive attitude with others?! Residents of Dublin are tolerant towards immigrants - they can provide work to foreigners or even treat the first comer with a pint of magnificent stout.

Unbelievable stories about Auckland are not uncommon. Friendly New Zealanders are ready to share all their goodness with tourists: gasoline, food, and even residential trailers.

Cape Town is the most benevolent of the hottest cities in South Africa. The residents are always smiling - this is a part of everyday ritual. The staff at the stores (without tipping or requests) adds all the goods purchased by visitors in a bag, and employees of gas stations - check the tire pressure.

Brazilian “pearl” Rio de Janeiro also got in the rating of the friendliest places on the planet. After conducting of several experiments, American scientists understood that mentality is not affected by ethnicity, but rather the environment and the social climate influences it. The richer the city is, the more isolated and indifferent citizens become to those around them.