Take a Look at the Dazzling Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

With the departure of summer crowds of tourists, you can enjoy the exploration of plenty Old Town treasures surrounding the lake: from the antique amphitheater and a medieval fortress to the stunning temple of St. John the Evangelist in Cana, located on the rocky shore. The weather can be a little cool, but you are strongly recommend to visit a National Park “Galicica” with magnificent views and a huge number of endemic plants. A romantic trip by boat to the southern side of the lake, which is already three million years, will take you to another valuable discovery: the Orthodox Monastery of Saint Naum, which has its relics and ancient church decorations, as well as numerous frescoes and paintings. Trout, which is found in Lake Ohrid, is an endangered species, so you can choose a different dish from a wide variety represented in the menu. Importantly, do not pass by the unique jewelry from Ohrid pearls.