Sea fishing in the Mediterranean

Most often fishermen catch bluefin tuna. This type of fish is found in almost all the seas and oceans. The rod and nets are used in coastal waters. In Sicily, the fishing for tuna starts in spring. This time is a period of fish spawning, and they approach the shore very close. Several small boats surround a flock of tunas and drive them to the shore. Here, in the shallows, fishermen just catch the huge fish with hooks. But tuna is a very strong fish, with its tail it can easily knock a person down.

The size of caught tuna is staggering. They can reach a length of 3-4 meters, and weigh 300-500 kg. The tuna attacks any species of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. The meat of tuna is very tasty, in Italy it can be used for the preparation of 70 different dishes.

Mackerel is also often caught in the Mediterranean Sea. People catch it from the boats, shores and piers. July and August is the best time to catch mackerel.

In the area of ​​the island of Cyprus fishermen often prey on sharks. Most often, these fish are released back. Fishing for sharks begins early in the morning in the high seas. People get photographed with the two-meter shark with pleasure and then let it go back into the sea.

Many fishermen dream of catching scorpion fish, also known as sea ruff. This is truly a legendary fish. When it is removed from the water, it is a sphere covered with spines that have sufficiently potent poison. Catching the fish without pricking oneself is a great art. In addition, fried scorpion fish is very tasty.