Round the World Cruises - Advice on Choosing

All round the world cruises last not less than 3 months and may include travels: ancient shores of Scandinavia and the Arctic; fabulous United Arab Emirates; excellent hot Africa; unique India; full of mysteries Asia - Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan; distant shores of New Zealand and Australia; Travel in the Pacific - Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji, Bora Bora; Coast of North America - San Francisco, Los Angeles; the tropics of South America - Argentina, Brazil; “paradise” Caribbean islands; Mediterranean countries and Europe.

The list may include almost any place of the world, located in the area of ​​water routes. It all depends on the aim of the cruise: quiet admiration of beauty passing by, education, the opportunity to participate in large-scale shows or endless shopping.

Clothing for sea travel should be chosen in accordance with the climatic conditions on a certain route. In all cases, multilayer clothing will be suitable or clothing made of natural fabrics. Be sure to find out the requirements of the dress code, if necessary.

Vessels leaving for a world tour with more than 50 passengers on board, have skilled health workers - nurses, doctors. They are equipped with pharmacies, research laboratories, and even a small surgery room. If necessary, the members of the crew and passengers will be provided with medical assistance. But in case you need a certain type of medicine, it is better to take it from home.

All the nuances of the cruise are better to learn from tour operators and experienced travelers.