Pushkar - the Cradle of Indian Civilization

Small town of Pushkar is located approximately 130 kilometers from the state capital, Jaipur, and 14 kilometers north-west of the city of Ajmer. This place is famous for its temples, especially those dedicated to Brahma, as well as beautiful sacred lake, which is also called the Pushkar, and annual camel fair. This is one of the most popular places in the state of Rajasthan, which is often visited by locals and foreign tourists. Despite the small area, Pushkar is able to offer a varied vacation to tourists: from a religious pilgrimage to all kinds of adventures, outdoor activities or shopping.

Brahma Temple is one of the few of its kind. Although Brahma is one of the gods of the “Hindu trinity” his cult is very little common. There are only two places for worship this deity: here in Rajasthan and in Goa. In the temple of Brahma there are no fanciful elements of internal decoration, thus it is very different from other temples in India. Climbing the stairs of the temple complex, and getting to the main orange temple of creator of the universe with domes, one is struck by the simplicity and grandeur of the building. The temple complex has a lot of underground chambers, which according to mythology, were intended for the maintenance of the gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology, such as Shiva - the god of destruction.